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About this project

Australia's freshwater turtles are under serious threat, and they need our help for survival! Mounting evidence now suggests that many turtle species are declining across vast areas of Australia due to widespread drought, fox predation and human activities. To ensure their survival, some important evidence needs to be gathered, and it needs to be gathered quickly.

What data are needed?

  1. Where do turtles live?
  2. Where do they breed?
  3. Are there important breeding 'hotspots'?
  4. What are the major causes of turtle decline?
  5. Do the causes of decline differ throughout Australia?
  6. How far do they disperse?
  7. Are there important 'source' populations that help to populate other areas?

Your help is needed

Australia's turtle populations and land managers need your help in answering these important questions so there can be appropriate safeguards put in place to protect turtles into the future.
You can assist by recording where you see turtles, where you see their nests, where turtles are seen or killed on the road, or evidence of turtles (such as skeletal remains).

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